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Diabetes treatment with natural herbs by Thiruvelan

Statistic says diabetes is increasing like pollution, because of our modern lifestyle.

What I mean by modern lifestyle?

  • Lifestyle with very low connection with nature.

  • Eating foods that are harmful to our good health, example eating fast foods, bakery items and ready to eat packed foods.

  • Very low or no physical activity.

  • Over nutrition, over weight and obese.

  • Ok how can we avoid or reverse diabetes, simple
  • By lowering body weight, means low body fat so chance of diabetes resistance is reduced.

  • Increasing physical activity, means burning more calories so reduction in blood glucose level.

  • Limit strictly fat and sugar which are harmful for health.

  • Increase intake of soluble fibers helps eliminate digested food easily.

  • Last but very importantly; try to include diabetes herbs in your daily life with an intelligent recipe. For information on diabetes natural herbs with scientific proof on the effectiveness of treatment visit

  • Diabetes natural herbs
    Now-a-days people are bored up with diabetes modern treatment, because of its side effects and very high cost involved.

    So every diabetic start searching for an alternative medicine which has
  • Low or no side effect,

  • Possibility for a cure or effective treatment,

  • Cost worthy

  • Other benefits such as over all health improvement.

  • Most of the above diabetic patients expectations are fulfilled by diabetes herbal remedies. Natural herbs for diabetes believed to control blood glucose or sugar, additionally it nourishes pancreas, liver, kidney, heart and eye, which are behind the cause of diabetes or may affected in long run. That means herbs are not only useful in the treatment or reversal of diabetes and also it helps to limit or eliminate diabetes complications such as Diabetes Neuropathy (nerve damage), Heart attack and stroke, Retinopathy (Eye disease), Gastroparesis (digestion problem, delayed stomach emptying), Nephropathy (Kidney disease), Erectile dysfunction (sexual impotency), Bladder control problems, Urinary tract infections, and depression.

    That"s why now-a-day"s diabetic peoples are attracted and showing interest on diabetes herbs for their treatments.

    'Diabetes natural herbs'

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